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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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it once divided east and west germany the berlin wall. an entire generation is growing up without it but it still can a long shot. early mall is long gone but is it really our focus today. that. drive it the d.w. motor magazine in this edition a luxury wagon for rough terrain volvo's with ninety cross country a successful hybrid the lexus an x three hundred eight. and the new cayman g.p.s. from porsche. that are partially g.t.s.
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on a porsche means it's really one of the manufacturers sportiest designs says car tester clouds need to be in the seven eighteen box during the cayman model series were already sporty to begin with and this here is a porsche seven eighteen came in g.c.'s that means higher performance better suspension and probably a lot more fun to drive says the best place to try out a car like this is a race track like the one he's at now i'm going to see it is a scary race result let's see what the g.p.s. can do. game foozie asked to hoping for the comeback of a six cylinder engine in the new came in g.t.s. might be a bit disappointed to learn porsche stuck with a two point five liter flat four engine in the seven eighteen however its creator remains the same as for any of porsches recent g.p.s.
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models higher performance loads of new features and just about any driver a system available on a normally extensive list of optional extras. here on the racetrack klaus's switched off vehicle safety systems that means it will rely on the car's mechanical grip which he says he's absolutely exquisite. the car responds precisely when you accelerate so this is like overstating. the thing about. which is easy enough to handle and either way these settings of. the vehicle. g.t.s. models generally have the best overall package in their series and g.p.s. isn't a drastic redesign more like a sensible upgrade even normal came in some boxes just flick around corners beautifully but the g.p.s. goes the extra mile with all the extra gadgets on board that are ordinarily very
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pricey yet on those standards include the adaptive p.s.m. shastri that drops the car by ten millimeters the small corner package with dynamic transmission bearings and a porsche talk lecturing plus system with exotic trying to riyadh differential lock . came in g.t.s. has a mid engine running right behind. and behind that is the transmission which is very much like in a motor sports car that all cars in formula one or more have a mid engine. that distributes the way to evenly the car pivots and center which gives it a very good balance. here. the seven eighteen k. man has two hundred sixty nine kilowatts of power the p.t.k. gearbox catapult passengers to one hundred kilometers an hour in four point three seconds with its movie developed four cylinder engine two seater consumes eight
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point two liters per one hundred kilometers and naturally does not have an ecological exhaust system. visually the porsche seven eighteen came in g.t.s. is most distinguished by its front taper and the black by xenon headlights and taillights give it another sporty touch. rounded off with black badging and a black diffuser at the rear with two intel pipes. another eye catcher another twenty inch wheels also in black. this seven eighteen is the most powerful and dynamic of its kind so far the interior is furnished in outcome tara and boasts electronically adjustable.
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other feel many have doubts about this two point five liter turbo engine but klaus disagrees and says it has plenty of fire. the three hundred sixty five horsepower and four hundred thirteen you can meet and talk to me that it won't mend and when you accelerate to the turn it really picks up speed all in all here on the race track this series production car is absolutely. we're going to up the. lexus has already achieved what other manufacturers are still dreaming of all models are available with hybrid drives and customers love them for example the annexe one of the japanese manufacturers most important models.
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in car test them out of shape for is taking the next three hundred eight for a spin hybrid s.u.v. that combines a two point five liter engine and netting tronic motor or if you select all wheel drive electric motors one for each axle hybrids are lexus is big sellers only fifteen percent of its customers buy a car with only a gasoline engine eighty five percent choose a hybrid. the lexus and next three hundred. that doesn't charge its batteries for an external source but while driving with brake energy recovery and a generator the safety system plus keeps an eye on the car surroundings and the driver's reactions it includes a pre-crash system that was the driver of any risk of accident and break some time is also a lane departure assist adaptive speed regulation. emanuel says the exercise they slipped included not only lots of technology like the lexus safety system plus
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there's also the new radiator grille that. unlike his predecessor the new group is dominated by l. shaped horizontal bars that emphasized the baldness of the front right behind it the electric motor and gasoline engine. four point six meters long the lexus an x. three hundred h. provides enough space for passengers and luggage as is typical of an s.u.v. . seventeen or eighteen inch. wheels. the radiator grills design is repeated in the taillights the rear bumper is also been adapted to the new design and dropped a lot. the
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interior is luxury is an attractive as you'd expect from a lexus is emmanuelle here he'd almost call it was futuristic again as usual with lexus going at it and looks brand new here is this touch pad that recognizes handwriting and you don't have to go looking for all the punching individual letters just right in your destination and it works just fine. after i. get one above. the interior furnishings show typical lex style. the multimedia display has been enlarged from seven to ten point three inches. from receipts don't lack for leg room. the trunk will hold four hundred seventy five liters an optional electric device
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can fall down the back seat within ten seconds to produce a flat cargo surface. the x. three hundred i chose a combined system power of one hundred forty five kilowatts letting it center right from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in nine point six seconds its top speed is hundred eighty kilometers an hour and average gasoline consumption is just five point two just for one hundred kilometers which is very good. and also has the annexes a pleasure to drive with the facelift included an additional or improved insulation in various spots and you can hear the difference the interior is very quiet and relaxing. the nexus an x. three hundred h.
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sells for forty one thousand two hundred fifty euros in germany making the hybrid two thousand seven hundred euros cheaper than the version with a strictly gasoline engine this strategy is probably one of the reasons why thank you five percent of the customers choose the hybrid. b.m.w. is really. yeah. depending on the engine chosen the grand jury delivers between eighty one hundred and fifty one kilo lots of power it'll be hitting german showrooms in march twenty eighth. alfa romeo is introducing a sporty new version of its stelvio s.u.v. the contraflow with its three hundred seventy five kilowatt two point nine metre twin turbo v six and pull wheel drive it can sprint to one hundred kilometers an
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hour in just three point eight seconds. top speed is two hundred eighty three kilometers an hour in germany the italian s.u.v. sells for around eighty nine thousand euro. volvo's are not only notoriously safe they're also innovative the swedish company released its off road station wagon that the seventy cross-country twenty years ago now the v ninety cross country has been tweaked to bring this type of vehicle to an all new level. the ninety cross country is comfortable most luxurious and as with a normal view ninety there are plenty of options to tailor your vehicle what a huge panorama roof or a twelve inch electronic instrument cluster it's yours for a price the biggest difference from the all the ninety is it's higher ground clearance twenty point five centimeters i found out that it can test the matters go
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out says that while driving you hardly notice that the car is a bit higher except maybe at the sides where the higher body of the slanted walls make a difference but that's usually negligible so i don't i guess that's worked with a lot of this. what's more obvious other differences in the next year it is are the silver colored under right protection and accentuated side rocker panels provide at least a feeling of off road competence. of course identifying badging on the rear bumper has not been forgotten. there are ten buttons on the steering wheel and eight more in the rest cockpit and the central display also functions well as a control panel for the vehicles in time and it tries to. keep.
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everything important is within easy reach systematics and if you can't find something you just press this home button on the function appears on the display this is very impressed with the display screen he says it's also technically very interesting because it's not a cap pass a touchscreen but an infrared controlled that means the display response to your body even before you touch the screen in far what then is all on. before. our test cars powered by the larger of the two available diesel engines it's to lead to displacement delivers all of one hundred seventy three kilowatts thanks to the power pulse technology that feeds compressed air into the exhaust system the turbo charger responds very rapidly combined fuel consumption as calculated in the new european driving cycle is theoretically five point three liters per one hundred kilometers but you won't manage that if you practice.
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many drivers like to rest an elbow on the wind still says mathis but if you're one of them the really ninety will be ninety cross country will break that habit fast putting an elbow on such a high still won't rest. but it's safer to drive with both hands on the wheel anyway. so that is the eric our. safety is also provided by the very night you cross countries many assists systems. just it's about a parked car that's useful he says because especially in for you whether you might notice obstacles to late it's nice to get an early warning so you can respond in time. come on board the v ninety cross country city safety system which also recognizes larger animals a lane departure system that works even without painted lane dividers and stand it hardly able to animist driving functions up to one hundred thirty kilometers an hour so mattis is a bit surprised that the blind spot
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a system costs extra. uses the v. ninety cross country is listed at about seven thousand euros more than the regular v. night you have the same engine and drive which is standard across the country of course it may sound like a lot of money for a few exterior adornments and extra ground clearance. but sometimes you might want that clearance. and besides the cross country packs a few other functions. that the normal v ninety doesn't you on and. then you've been on my own following a lot. more than sixty four thousand euros in germany this fancy off road station wagon can be called a bargain. car
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tester i hope dyson offices the blue g.t. bad shows that it has an electric motor as well as an internal combustion engine the one point fully to gasoline engine produces one hundred fifty six also power while the electric motor generates one hundred fifteen it takes seven point six seconds to go from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour but more importantly for a family car the electric motor has a range of forty to fifty kilometers. hybrid version of the facade is available as a sedan or is a station wagon and that's what we're testing today with a full tank of gas sixty kilowatts to power plants are some well synchronized together they developed four hundred new meters of tall. forces transmitted to six pediatric transmission. line says it takes around five hours for the plug in hybrid to get fully charged
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using a standard household outlet but just three if you have charging station i. he was caught buyers can order a charging station with a car for six hundred twenty five euros and then plane electrician to install it is a cost though in some towns and cities power companies will subsidize the cost. german government is also providing financial incentives for people to pilot trickle hybrid models around one point two billion euros has been allocated for this purpose buyers of hybrids receive a three thousand euro bonus with carmakers covering half of the cost of the incentive program runs until the summer of twenty nineteen. despite the extra technology in the floor of the vehicle there's still plenty of room left for luggage and the receipt banks can be falling down separately creating
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even more spots if needed. she could glue accidents on the gear shift in the seats at a dash of color to the area. then they go i know it says the car keeps you informed as to whether you're driving an all electric mode or if the battery is recharging while driving with these nice looking graphic display. the lithium ion battery alone weighs one hundred twenty five kilograms so along with the rest of the necessary equipment a hybrid person weighs at least one hundred fifty kilos more than the conventional model which isn't so good for fuel consumption but. yet again says average fuel consumption is just one point eight inches per one hundred kilometers although this is placed on a complicated formula includes battery powered. still electric motor the g.t.t.
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enables emissions free local driving the energy of the fuel efficient hybrid motors while its g.d.p. mode the times when drivers need extra power. the starting price of just over forty five thousand euro's in germany the facade g.t.t. doesn't come cheap but it's worth it for those who mainly cover short distances in city traffic as that's where the cost by good technology pays off much to. the borgs bad isabella was and is a captivating sight the charming name is about life was not dreamt up by marketing men however when test versions were to be sent out on the road the team wondered what to call the car without revealing its identity the manufacturer himself. is
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reported to have said call it what you like isabella for all i care and that code name eventually became official. hamas immediately fell for the charms of the isabella for many years he had to do without one but not any longer. he says the coupe a version was the dream car for many back then but it was expensive. things by. the isabella was less a luxury a cinema savings but more expensive than any other mid-sized cars without a flashy. big name. these are bellow which followed on from the hands of fifteen hundred proved to be bomb parts most successful model
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right it sold two hundred thousand units but those sales could not save the company from going past a nine hundred sixty one. line out how much is very happy he was able to. and vintages about her of his own the car he grew up with. the day isabella been if he first came in contact with the isabella through his father he says that he was the first car was a handsome fifteen hundred shots as old bald and hands out and then when my heart was in his twenty's he bought a sedan version of my and isabella a three one fortunately he had to sell it when he got married later that he never forgot the isabella nice guy at the top. the isabella is mainly coffee and. he knew that one day he would acquire another one of these a mistake of all patriots. he isabella.
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the isabella always stood out from the crowd he got the reform gable nowadays when your mom driving along behind another car it's hard to tell what make it is. in the olden days there was a stronger appreciation of design is a ballerina simply a beautiful colors and flood insurance all tall. and its beauty is not only on the surface inside it sleek and stylish but not swanking a line about how one knows a lot about the history of his isabella cooper he has the regional documentation. you are happy he says that according to the vehicle registration document the car was first registered in vienna on the twenty first of july nineteenth twenty nine of sabine the exits were last all right and i don't so insistent is it not so
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not known. oddly the photo in the registration does not show this particular car whether it is a coupe a also a dime it's always the same ministration. does inspect shows as the original maintenance booklet so the price and he has to laugh when he sees the prices at the end could cause a lot of job cost for doj marks fifty and a general inspection seventeen marks. at least. on the course inspects your own of course it is a symbolic then. if you needed to find a shop there was a list of all the authorized carriages available to isabel it was marketed all over the world or there were carriages in africa and lots in germany which of course no longer exists and disheartened that distance making. people often stop and stare when they see a beautiful vintage car in pristine condition. but i doubt enjoys that when people
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break into a smile of a side as car older people love it when they recognise it is about on the road and the youngsters likewise and often given the thumbs up it's a delight on the human. toll from the. yacht afloat and up to. also loves his car obviously he did not buy it as an investment and some collectors of vintage vehicles do though it has gained in value. is now almost sixty years old it's fifty five kilowatt four cylinder engine can power the car to a top speed of one hundred fifty kilometers an hour but how much left fills.
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it can get very loud he says because there's no acoustic insulation under the hood . which i and before him it's all part of the vintage car experience. how grew up with the isabella and now that he has his own it's hard to see him ever parting company with. players. coming up next time on drive it. we take out these r s four with the new receipts by turbo under the hood out for a spin. and we put the goal to the testing every day conditions.
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the folks.
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german for free with d w. going to scream barely feel. the scars on some up the pain still tangible. the suffering her god the four cities. they have survived the two they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new a new beginning in peace time for the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance says find out if the flows ones are really difficult complicated difficult
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forgiveness reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your throat. culture darkness cities or the term war play starting march tenth on t w. players . to. play.
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this is the news live from belgium on high alert as the trial gets underway for a top terror suspect the charges relate to a shoot out before his capture he is believed to be the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen terrorist attacks but so far he has refused to answer any questions. also coming up.


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